30 people with
hearing loss.

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We are looking for 30 people to trial the world’s
most advanced
hearing aid technology, the first
hearing aid shown to make it easier on the brain.

Featuring groundbreaking technology which processes sounds 50 times faster#, it gives your brain a more complete soundscape,
and puts you, not your hearing aid, in charge of which sounds you focus on.

We need people with hearing loss to trial these remarkable new digital hearing aids.

All candidates will receive a FREE* hearing check to establish if they are suitable to join the trial.

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In a recent survey+ of the same devices, 96% of participants heard better – much better. While 81% understood more with less effort.
This innovative and discrete technology enables you to enjoy clear, 360⁰ surround sound, even in noisy environments, and follow
rapidly changing conversations.

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Trial period ends 13 October 2017.

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