Can I wear glasses with hearing aids?

It’s slim, it’s streamlined, it’s smooth – yes, it sounds like we could be describing the latest Maserati, but today, we’re talking about hearing aids! That’s right, the days of the large and cumbersome hearing aid are over. When you walk into your local HearingLife clinic, you’ll be greeted with many hearing device options that […]

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3 celebrities who are thriving with the help of hearing aids

If you have a hearing problem, you aren’t alone. According to the Listen Hear! New Zealand report, 1 in 5 Kiwis have a hearing loss. 1 There are plenty of successful, famous people who are thriving with the help of hearing aids. From politicians and actors to musicians, there are many people to look at […]

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Be careful with that Cotton bud!

Your mother was right – be very careful when cleaning your ears with cotton buds because they can cause an injury and damage your hearing. This warning is backed up by hearing health professionals who say that putting things smaller than your elbow into your ear can injure the ear canal, ear drum or hearing […]

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